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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swap O' Rama Rama

Swap O' Rama Rama comes to Des Moines!
Swap O Rama Rama (SORR) is a clothing swap and do-it-yourself extravaganza that has been making the rounds internationally since the 1990's. The event is being put on locally by artists Kelsey Blessman (Kelsey Cliche) and Stephanie Bracelin, with the help of many D.I.Yers. Just bring $10. and a bag of unwanted clothes and wearables to trade and up-cycle on site. There will be stations set up for sewing, screenprinting, beading and otherwise embellishing and re-designing your new-found items. If you have ideas and skills (and materials) you'd like to share - they're open to it! There will also be an informal "show us what you made" fashion show that will also feature works of local Independent designers. Everyone leaves with a bag of finds, lots of crafty new friends and a big dose of empowerment for living the thrifty life more creatively! Tickets are only $8.00 in advance and are available at Mars Cafe and Vitae Design Collective. Please visit for more info and volunteer opportunities. Let's do this! SORR will be held at the Des Moines Social Club, 1408 locust on Sat. August 1st from 11am to 3pm.

- Article from the Vitae July newsletter

Designer Spotlight

Designer Spotlight: Rock 'N Reconstruct

Vitae has not one, but TWO Sarah Johnsons! We figure this Collective's big enough for the both of 'em. This month's featured designer is the Sarah Johnson of Rock 'N Reconstruct - a local legend in Indie design. This bold and seriously flattering line has demanded international attention and continues to push forward with innovative twists on the vintage look. Like many of us Rip & Stitchers, she was a longtime thrift store shopper and began by modifying her finds to suit her personal taste. When she moved from the tall corn state to L.A. upon graduating college, she took a job with a designer while looking for a job in her field. What had always been a passion quickly became the career as she was noticed by other designers and west coast shoppers alike. R 'N R dresses have been spotted on celebrities and in magazines.

photo by: mG Photography

With her line established in boutiques in California & across the country, she's recently decided to make Iowa her home base once again. Some of you may know that it was Sarah who put together the first Indie Design showcase a few years back, doing much of the coordination long distance. Iowa Fashion Week, a series of style shows and fundraiser was the mama of Vitae's Runway Revue. Sarah's efforts, which she proclaimed to be a "Thank You" to Iowa, really opened a door for the local D.I.Y. community. We at Vitae are thankful to her for that, and have been happily paying it forward ever since.

-This article is from the Vitae July newsletter and written by Julie Punelli

Emergence Fashion Show

Emergence Fashion Show

Emergence, a fashion show & silent auction event to benefit the Ruth Harbor House, will be at the Des Moines Social Club on Saturday, July 11 at 8pm.  

The Ruth Harbor house offers shelter and support to young mothers and their babes. The auction will feature some fashions from the show. 
The show features pin-up style designs by Acanthus (this is a first for me), Magpie, Rok:her:roots, Jae Anonyma, Pink Revolver, and Rock n' Reconstruct.
$5 gets you in to the fashion show; VIP seats & after party tickets are $25. Available at the door or on!