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Friday, September 23, 2011

Andrew's Colorado Bound

I would like to start off by saying I have an incredible family. I am very lucky to be so close to my mom, grandma and brothers. We truly do enjoy being together. But sometimes I wish time could just stand still and we could all just live in the same town and get together on the weekends and just play/ listen to music. I know that's not possible and I have been dreading the day that one or both of my brother's finally decide to move. I knew it was going to happen, they have both talked about moving for years. As years passed and they stayed, I grew selfishly hopeful that my family would stay together... until a couple of weeks ago. Andrew, my youngest brother, announced he was moving to Boulder. Bummer, I thought to myself, but I'm sure he'll at least be here until the spring and by then he might change his mind. No such luck, he's leaving this Monday. I am truly happy for him. I think he needs a change and it will be great for him to be around some talented bluegrass musicians. I'm just sad and going to miss him. I guess I'll have to plan more trips to Boulder!

I'm sharing a video I took of my brothers and their friend Etienne playing at the West Des Moines Farmers Market. Andrew is playing the mandolin, Bryan is playing the guitar and Etienne is playing the fiddle. Music plays a big part in our family. My brothers are talented musicians and have even inspired my mom and I to learn to play. Times like the one in the video are what I am going to miss the most. I'm definitely going to look forward to the next family jam when Andrew comes home or we go to Colorado... I had better get to practicing on the mandolin.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Discount on Etsy

Since we are going to be offering some discounts on Acanthus Apparel at Vitae's b-day party I decided to share the love with my online friends. I am offering 10% off everything in my etsy store through Friday at 5pm. Just enter coupon code THANKS10 at checkout.

Our Summer Vacation

I am loving this fall weather but it makes me a little nostalgic for the summer. I can't stop thinking about our vacation to Colorado this past July.

The first part of our trip took place in Boulder where we spent some time with and a college roommate and her fiance. We had a blast! Just like old times. We also did a little too much shopping and eating. Boulder has some amazing gluten-free options!

Next it was off to Rockygrass! I had been looking forward to The Rockygrass Bluegrass Festival for a year and it did not disappoint. We met my mom and brothers at the festival, they had already been there for a week participating in the Rockygrass Academy so when we got there the campsite was all set up. We camped with my family and a bunch of their friends right outside of the festival along the St. Vrain River. I wasn't sure about camping at first but I loved it! I was worried about not being able to sleep but I really didn't mind being waken up at 3am to some of the most talented young musicians playing right outside of my tent. We spent 5 nights camping out and 3 full days listening to some amazing bluegrass. Looking forward to making Rockygrass a yearly family vacation!

Here are a few Colorado pics that Joshua and I took with our phones-

The previous 2 photos were taken at Rocky Mountain National Park. We spent an afternoon hiking.

This is part of our campsite. My brother, Andrew, is playing his cello with some other musicians and there is a large crowd watching. This is a nightly occurrence.

Here are a couple of video links from the festival. They are of my brother, Andrew, playing cello and backing up Steven on the banjo. Steven is a finalist in the Rockygrass banjo competition, which he ended up winning!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Warpaint: Session 2

If you are in the Des Moines area then you don't want to miss Warpaint. Two artists battle it out with 1 black marker. The winner of each round advances and by the end of the day there is a Warpaint champion. So come out and watch some talented artists, including Joshua, and vote for your favorites.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New hoodie on Etsy!

I have our super comfy skull hoodie on Etsy now. It's also available at Vitae. Currently I have it in XS, M, L and XL.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Tattoos

Joshua has started so many large pieces lately that I hope will be finished soon. I can't wait to post the photos. In the meantime here are a few newer finished tattoos.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cutest dogs ever!

A few Instagram photos of the pups. Penny is on top doing her best downward dog for the camera. In the middle is Otto. He came to work with me that day and was a little doped up due to a back injury. On the bottom is Daphne just chillin' while Joshua plays my mandolin.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall Fashion

In Iowa we are having perfect fall weather right now which makes me want to go shopping for new fall clothes. I've seen so many cute dresses and skirts but I am trying to be a little more reasonable this season. I have a closet full of adorable dresses that I rarely wear and I continue to buy more. Before I purchase anymore dresses I need a good pair of denim and some kick ass t-shirts.

So I was browsing on Pinterest when I came across this t-shirt brand called Jedidiah. I fell in love with a couple of their designs. Being a t-shirt designer I am pretty picky about t-shirts and rarely by any for myself. That is about to change. These t-shirt will be perfect for fall. Not only does Jedidiah make cool shirts but they are a pretty cool company. They are a humanitarian-based apparel brand. You can read more about it on their website.

I'll also need a great pair of jeans to go with my new t-shirts. J Brand is my favorite and I'm really digging their red skinny jeans!

(t-shirt photos from and denim photo from

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Men's Shirts on Etsy

I finally had a chance to add a couple of men's items to Etsy. Our new bird design and the infamous Captain Zion design. They are perfect for fall with your favorite pair of jeans!

The Birds and the Bees

We've been busy the past few months cranking out some new designs. All will be available for purchase on Etsy. and at Vitae.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Skull Shirt on Etsy

I just listed a new shirt on Etsy. This is our new skull design. It's a great unisex shirt! For the ladies it look good with a skirt or your favorite pair of skinny jeans... maybe red skinny jeans! It's available in xs through large. Here's a link to one of the listings-

I'm back...

I decided that I'm really going to make an effort to start blogging. For real this time. I've been so distracted lately with Tumblr and Pinterest that I have completely neglected this blog. From now on I'll be updating everyone with art, apparel, tattoos, events and everything else Joshua and I are involved with. Speaking of events... check out the sweet poster Joshua designed for Vitae's 3 year anniversary party, which is coming up on September 23rd!

Check out my Pinterest at and our Tumblr at