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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fall 2012 Tattoo Conventions

I know it's still June but Joshua and I have been thinking ahead to the three conventions we will be attending this fall. We had an impromptu Acanthus meeting this morning and talked about some new designs and reprinting some classics for the fall.  And of course we will be printing lots of scarves!

So look for the new Acanthus banner in Joshua's booth at the following conventions:

Paradise Tattoo Gathering
Keystone, CO
September 13th- 16th, 2012

Portland Tattoo Expo
Portland, OR
October 12th- 14th, 2012

St. Louis Old School Tattoo Expo
St. Louis, MO
November 2nd- 4th, 2012

You can book a tattoo appointment at these shows by emailing Joshua at

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Snake Design

We released our new design at the AIFS show last weekend.  Since then I have printed it on several different shirts for men and women.  Plus look for snake hoodies next week! Everything pictured is available at Vitae and on Etsy right now.

For the guys- American Apparel tri-coffee tri-blend tanks and a 50/50 American Apparel t-shirt in new silver. $24 each.

For the gals- Alternative Apparel Kimber tee, burnout and oversized for $32. I also have the snake racerback tank for $30.

Check out the snake t-dress. It was featured in the AIFS show last weekend. It's a great summer dress!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Acanthus Apparel Featuring Girl Friday

I recently put together a photo shoot to showcase the Acanthus Apparel and Girl Friday items that would be featured in the AIFS show. Since the show was last night I can now share these stunning photos.

All of the Acanthus Apparel item will be available this week on Etsy and at Vitae. The Girl Friday jewelry will be available at Vitae.

Designers: Acanthus Apparel by Joshua and Alyssa Bowers, Girl Friday by Amber Hathaway
Model: Natalia Trimnell
MUA: Chloe Hall
Hair: Amber Hathaway
Stylist: Mayim Yael
Photographer: Figment Art Photo

Friday, June 15, 2012

Our Wedding: 5 Years Ago

 Joshua and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary tomorrow! We don't have any major plans but that's what is nice about it. We rarely get to spend a Saturday together so I'm happy doing anything as long as it's with him.  I'm one lucky girl to get to spend my life with such an amazing man!

Here are some photos of our wedding that I thought I would share to mark this occasion.

The wedding party...

My family...

My Great Uncle Jimmy walking me down the aisle, one of the best parts of the day...

My brother Andrew composed an original song and played it as I walked down the aisle...

My brother Bryan performed the ceremony...

My Mom read a poem...

First kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Bowers...

Champagne toast...

My favorite part of the day, just us...

New Snake Design and Etsy Listings

Here is the newest Acanthus design... the Snake.  This men's shirt is the first of many with this print and is available on Etsy right now!  Next week I will have a men's tank, women's t-dress, tank and t-shirt.  

I also printed some more t-dresses.  They are perfect for outdoor concerts and look great with boots, 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Accidental Industry Fashion Show Press

With all of our traveling I haven't posted much about the AIFS show coming up this Saturday. On Saturday seven designers will be featured on the runway at Brenton Skating Plaza in Des Moines.  We were lucky enough to be picked. Acanthus Apparel will feature Girl Friday jewelry and we must say it is a great pairing! We have had so much fun preparing. We even did a photo shoot to showcase all of the runway looks... We'll start sharing those next week.

For up to date information about the fashion show please visit the AIFS facebook page...

Acanthus also got a little press for the show... and you got a sneak peek of our new maxi dress.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Weekend at Ink N' Iron

Our first experience at Ink N' Iron was amazing! The atmosphere, entertainment and incredible lineup of artists made this convention one that we will do every year.  Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

This is the Queen Mary. The convention was aboard as well as our hotel room.

The view of Long Beach across the harbor.

The setup outside of the convention hall.

The view from our room.

Our booth at the convention. We had a double booth with Nathan Evans, Megan Hoogland and James Vaughn.

A band playing in the convention hall...

And in the boiler room.

Some of the weekend entertainment.

I caught a couple songs of the Vandals...