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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Joshua's Art Show at Vitae

Well, it's time to get off my suntanned be-hind (we're being hypothetical here) and get acclimated to the brisk Fall schedule taking shape before us. First of all, Happy Birthday to us! It's been 2 years since we officially opened the doors at Vitae & we're so happy that not only can our little town can support a concept store like ours, the Indie scene is THRIVING! I mean look at Market Day...geeze, kudos everybody.

Come have some cake already. Just like last year, our anniversary co-incides with Art Stop - so while here, you can take in some cultcha and enjoy the Artwork of Joshua Bowers. We're excited to bring you this powerful exhibit and show everyone what some of us know...he's immensely talented and very funny once he's had a few. Seriously.

-Article by Julie Punelli from the Vitae newsletter

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