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Monday, February 20, 2012

Des Moines Bluegrasss

This post is about something different than apparel today, it's about a new group that my brothers started call Des Moines Bluegrass.  Ok, I might have helped a little but they have really hit the ground running with this project.  Right now Des Moines Bluegrass is hosting a bi-monthly bluegrass jam at Mars Cafe in Des Moines.  Last night was the 1st jam and I have to say that it was quite inspiring to see musicians that haven't even met before make such beautiful music.  Maybe someday I'll get out there with my mandolin!

Here's a video from last night.  For more videos and pictures go to the DSM Bluegrass Facebook page...

Also check out their blog/website... They have updated information about future DSM Bluegrass Jams, Bluegrass concerts and bands in Iowa, resources for musicians and a forum.

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