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Friday, September 23, 2011

Andrew's Colorado Bound

I would like to start off by saying I have an incredible family. I am very lucky to be so close to my mom, grandma and brothers. We truly do enjoy being together. But sometimes I wish time could just stand still and we could all just live in the same town and get together on the weekends and just play/ listen to music. I know that's not possible and I have been dreading the day that one or both of my brother's finally decide to move. I knew it was going to happen, they have both talked about moving for years. As years passed and they stayed, I grew selfishly hopeful that my family would stay together... until a couple of weeks ago. Andrew, my youngest brother, announced he was moving to Boulder. Bummer, I thought to myself, but I'm sure he'll at least be here until the spring and by then he might change his mind. No such luck, he's leaving this Monday. I am truly happy for him. I think he needs a change and it will be great for him to be around some talented bluegrass musicians. I'm just sad and going to miss him. I guess I'll have to plan more trips to Boulder!

I'm sharing a video I took of my brothers and their friend Etienne playing at the West Des Moines Farmers Market. Andrew is playing the mandolin, Bryan is playing the guitar and Etienne is playing the fiddle. Music plays a big part in our family. My brothers are talented musicians and have even inspired my mom and I to learn to play. Times like the one in the video are what I am going to miss the most. I'm definitely going to look forward to the next family jam when Andrew comes home or we go to Colorado... I had better get to practicing on the mandolin.

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