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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Summer Vacation

I am loving this fall weather but it makes me a little nostalgic for the summer. I can't stop thinking about our vacation to Colorado this past July.

The first part of our trip took place in Boulder where we spent some time with and a college roommate and her fiance. We had a blast! Just like old times. We also did a little too much shopping and eating. Boulder has some amazing gluten-free options!

Next it was off to Rockygrass! I had been looking forward to The Rockygrass Bluegrass Festival for a year and it did not disappoint. We met my mom and brothers at the festival, they had already been there for a week participating in the Rockygrass Academy so when we got there the campsite was all set up. We camped with my family and a bunch of their friends right outside of the festival along the St. Vrain River. I wasn't sure about camping at first but I loved it! I was worried about not being able to sleep but I really didn't mind being waken up at 3am to some of the most talented young musicians playing right outside of my tent. We spent 5 nights camping out and 3 full days listening to some amazing bluegrass. Looking forward to making Rockygrass a yearly family vacation!

Here are a few Colorado pics that Joshua and I took with our phones-

The previous 2 photos were taken at Rocky Mountain National Park. We spent an afternoon hiking.

This is part of our campsite. My brother, Andrew, is playing his cello with some other musicians and there is a large crowd watching. This is a nightly occurrence.

Here are a couple of video links from the festival. They are of my brother, Andrew, playing cello and backing up Steven on the banjo. Steven is a finalist in the Rockygrass banjo competition, which he ended up winning!

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