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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Warpaint Update

Joshua was part of an art event in Des Moines called Warpaint two weeks ago that involved 16 artists. It was bracketed so 2 artists would compete in each round with the hopes of winning the crowd votes to move to the next round. The artist's had 1 hour, a black marker and a 4ft. by 4 ft. canvas. A theme was randomly drawn 15 minutes before starting each round. There were 4 rounds, Joshua made it to round 3 where he lost by one vote to our talented friend Anna. Anna went onto round 4 and won the whole competition. Below are the 3 panels Joshua created.

Round 1
Theme: Make it Rain

Round 2
Theme: Pop Culture

Round 3
Theme: Phobias

It was such a great event. Joshua and I are both looking forward to Warpaint in Spring 2012.

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