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Friday, February 3, 2012

New Blog Feature

Attention all Acanthus customers... You have all been so supportive and amazing so I am going to do a feature on you!

I am starting a monthly or bi-monthly blog post featuring different customers. This feature will include a few questions about why they love Acanthus and some pictures plus a section where the customers can do a little shameless self promotion. I just have so many great customers that I want to share all of their amazing talents.

So Acanthus customers, here's what I need from you-

Basic Information-
Hometown or where you currently live:

Section 1-
-How long have you been wearing Acanthus Apparel?
-What's your favorite piece or pieces of Acanthus Apparel or favorite design?
(Include photos of yourself wearing Acanthus and of your favorite pieces if possible)

Section 2-
Shameless Self Promotion- I want to know what you do or what you want to promote. Include pics and links to websites or Facebook pages.

Please email this information to Thanks everyone!

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