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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December at Vitae

It was a bit slow at Vitae today but it gave me a chance to get caught up on a few things and to take some photos of all the fun new stuff.

Tagging, sewing, and shipping some new Acanthus t-shirts.

Some of the cute gift ideas Vitae has to offer. Knitted hair bows by Downtown Bow Brown, knee high socks by Sweet Marcel, Iowa coin purses by Florence Oliver and feather earrings by Dani Awesome. Everything pictured above is under $18.

Flashy jewelry by Shu Shu Maus and Girl Friday.

I was really feeling the warmth inside Vitae since it was freezing outside. Pictured above- Shu Shu Maus garters, Acanthus Apparel hoodies, Spacecraft hats and vintage boots.

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