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Monday, September 3, 2012

Dog Hoodie Photo Shoot

Yesterday was the big day... the first Acanthus Apparel dog photo shoot.  I had been preparing since July for this crazy day.  It was crazy and chaotic but it was also so much fun and all of the dogs and their owners were so great to work with.  I also had an amazing team working with me.  Joelle Blomberg did a great job with the photos and her husband Jake helped, Mayim Yael styled everything perfectly and my lovely model, Meanz Chan, was fantastic with all of the dogs. I can't forget to mention all of the dogs...  Layla, Jack, Bruno, Falcor, Mocha, Jeddy, Kaiser, Penny, Daphne, Cash, Stella, Bug, Bronson, Quest, Gemma, Coco and Tinkerbell were all incredible models!

So here is a little peek into my day yesterday...

I had to be organized so I made a board with the dogs pictures and their sizes.

Everything I needed for the shoot... lots of dog hoodies, matching black leashes, treats and a lint roller.

The end of the shoot. Exhausted.

A little teaser... Meanz is wearing an Acanthus hooded scarf and Bronson is wearing an Acanthus dog hoodie.

More photos to come!

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