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Friday, November 23, 2012

Vitae Holiday Window Display 2012

Here is our finished window display! It is dedicated to Furry Friends Refuge, a local no-kill animal shelter that does great things in the community.  If you bring in a donation item before Christmas you get a discount at Vitae!

So much went into this display. It was designed by a friend, Amber Hathaway. She built the faux fireplace and made a fake log that appears to be burning. The tree is filled with silver painted dog bone ornaments and has a crossbones tree topper.  We also utilized some of the amazing photos from past photoshoots. If your in town you should take a peek... there are a lot of small touches that are hard to see in the photo.

If you love our window please vote for Vitae Design Collective! We would love your in the window contest this year! 

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