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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Promenade and Donate for a Discount

We have our window display finished and have been organizing and restocking all of the goodies at Vitae. It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas in the East Village.

This Friday is the Holiday Promenade. There are a lot of kid friendly activities as well as food and drinks for the adults in most of the stores. There is also a festive window decorating contest so be sure to cast your vote.

Since we have some great dog items at Vitae we have decided to do a dog themed holiday window.  Here's a sneak peek. I'll post the final photo this weekend.

Since we are all about the pets we chose to partner with Furry Friends Refuge this year.  Check out the details below.  What a great way to give and get some holiday shopping done at the same time!

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